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ASUS Fonepad 1

ASUS has not come empty-handed to the MWC 2013. Alongside the Pad phone, Infinity announced the ASUS Phone pad, a 7-inch tablet that is also a phone. We took some time talking about it, now let’s see the official specifications.

Another tablet that makes calls

Like the Galaxy Note 8, the Phone pad has GSM connectivity and enables calls. However, with a 19.64 high by 12.01 centimeters wide it cannot be considered a Smartphone but something like a big tablet.

Its metallic design and meager of 10.4 millimeters thick makes it one of the 7-inch tablet. The display consists of an LCD IPS panel with an array of 800×1280 pixels, with 216 dpi. The weight of the pileup remains at 340 grams, nailed to the Nexus 7.

ASUS Fonepad 2

Low-end Atom processor

ASUS has opted for the latest and most affordable when Intel chipset: the Phone pad moves with an Intel Atom 1.2 GHz monocore Z2420, a PowerVR SGX540 GPU and 1GB of RAM. As for internal memory, there are two models: one 8GB and one 16GB. The operating system is Android 4.1.

Unlike the Nexus 7, Phone pad has both a rear camera and a front respectively 3.15 MP and 1.2 MP, the principal doe’s 720p video. You can also download Internet through HSDPA up to 21Mbps, or connect to satellites GPS and GLONASS.

The Phone pad will be available in two colors (titanium gray and champagne gold) from March. The price: from 220 euros in the case of the 8GB model.

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